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Hi Friends!  Claire here---

I was born in Greenfield, Indiana and grew up on a small farm.  I am a "middle" child.  I have an older sister and younger brother.  I had a fantastic childhood and very thankful for my Mid-Western upbringing. After graduating from Indiana University, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  

I spent most of my adult life in different areas of Atlanta and taught Elementary School for 27 years.  My favorite age was 6 year olds because learning to read is one of the most important things in a person's life!  I spent 20 years in First Grade.  I also taught Fourth Grade and ESOL.  I loved every minute of it!  

 I have twin sons  and four beautiful grandchildren.  Addison, Victoria, Robert and Oliver. 

I was a scrapbooker for many years and then was introduced to card making.  I absolutely love it!  I enjoy participating in challenges and being on Design Teams.  It fulfills my need to color, cut and paste which has been an life-long occupation!  I am truly grateful for the wonderful friends I have made through paper crafting and blogging.  

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  1. Hi Claire, wow 20 years in first grade! I saw you mentioned over on Jodi's blog! Can't wait to loook around!


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